Not unusual for a customer to request us to cover a music festival with high quality wireless for a music concert.  That was the easy part.  But to add two futher criteria made this project  a little bit more complex.  First, they only had a limited amount of internet speed available (100Mb) yet were expecting thousands of fans over a three hour window. Second we had to guarantee their livestream video feed would not be interrupted by the tens of thousands of tweets, instagrams, snapchats, facebook updates from the fans throughout the music gig.  One other criteria was that their specialy written iPhone and Android Apps had to have prioritised access to their two servers to ensure that the fans had the best experience over wireless. The final criteria was there could not be a single point of failure (except the internet feed itself)

Installing a pair of wireless controllers took care of the wireless network but adding a pair of MikroTik CloudCoreRouters to provide the network traffic shaping made the whole system work flawlessly to the customers tough criteria.