This project was done in 2008, when engineer team from Citraweb was involved in Joint Training of Indonesia National Army, at Batam, Indonesia. This prestigious training was an exercise on how to take over Batam Airport from terrorist, by Indonesia special force, Indonesia Marine, and also Indonesia Air Force.
On the IT side, we needed to cover all troops action by IP camera, and send to command center. The area is quite big, almost the whole Batam Airport, plus a field near by when air force dropped by parachute. Some camera are very unique, specialized design for special force, able to catch far away object in the dark (infra red). This is how we can have picture when air force dropped by parachute.
Seems it's not a difficult task. But, with tight preparation time, and wide distance, infrastructure have to be deployed creatively. Cable is the first try, and then wireless.
The difficulties rise, as 2 hours before the strike, there was heavy rain. Some equipment fall down as we put it on semi permanent tend. Every thing should be fixed immediately. And yes, we were able to make the network up and running just before the show.
Some photo:
Transport from Jakarta to Batam with hercules
Control center
Wireless device on semi permanent tend

Infrared camera

Some wireless device deployed at Batam Airport Traffic Control