Special aeroplane aerobatics event - aerobatics freestyle challenge. Challenge was to transmit onboard cameras live from aeroplanes to TV broadcasting in HD quality. Racers have to show their aerobatic skills as best they can.   This race had 10 thousands visitors, with a RF noisy area in Prague - Letnany,  Pilots have to fly according to a scheme, containing some specific moves, with judges scoring them. This was the first part. The second part was freestyle, when Pilots can show what do they want to make a great show fly.

AFC2013 was on Letnany airfield LKLT, in Prague, Czech republic, Europe. There was a lot of RF noise in the immediate area.

 We had to give a high quality of TV signal between the on-board aeroplane cameras to the TV editing suite, there was mandatory parameters like delay etc. We used our own developed lightweight antenna on the aeroplane bodies and on the ground our own radio enclosure system to provide coverage of the aerobatics. We used many cameras, 20+ Routerboards and a laptop to collect data and to provide the data stream.

Here is a video