The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multi-stakeholder forum for policy dialogue on issues of Internet governance. It brings together all stakeholders in the Internet governance debate, whether they represent governments, the private sector or civil society, including the technical and academic community, on an equal basis and through an open and inclusive process. The establishment of the IGF was formally announced by the United Nations Secretary-General in July 2006.

IGF2013 was held in Bali, Indonesia. Hosted by multi stake holder commitee. Infrastructure team lead by Valens Riyadi, and several other engineers from several ISPs.

Internet came from 2 different backbone, and DHCP of 2x/20 public IP Address assure 2500 delegates could access internet smothly. BGP to 2 different backbones, in IPv4 and also IPv6. Each conference room has application : web streaming, remote participants, and live transcription.

Indonesia ICT Minister (red shirt) Tifatul Sembiring inspect the preparation of IGF
infrastructure one day before the opening.

We deploy more then 10 MikroTik routers (CCR and x86), plus 200+ Mikrotik access points.

Here are some video of infrastructure preparation on IGF2013.