• Join Training Indonesia Special Force

    This project was done in 2008, when engineer team from Citraweb involved at Join Training of Indonesia National Army, at Batam, Indonesia. This prestigious training is an exercise on how to take over Batam Airport from terrorist, by Indonesia special force, Indonesia Marine, and also Indonesia Air Force.
  • AFC 2013 - Video streaming from plane

    AFC 2013 - Special aeroplane aerobatics event - aerobatics freestyle challenge . challenge was online transmission of cameras from aeroplanes to TV broadcasting in HD quality. Racers have to show anything they can do. This race had 10 thousand visitors in a RF noisy area in Prague - Letnany, Firstly, Pilots have to fly by schema some figures, judges scoring them. Second part is freestyle, when Pilots can show what do they want to make a great show fly.
  • Internet Access at IGF2013

    Internet access at Internet Governance Forum 2013 at Bali. Internet came from 2 different backbone, and DHCP of 2x/20 public IP Address assure 2500 delegates could access internet smothly. BGP to 2 different backbones, in IPv4 and also IPv6.
  • FAI Race scoring

    Online contens manager system - We have system for online scoring. Judges get PDA with our software, data is transmitted to internet and everyone can see online results. There is also output for TV broadcasting. Check www.acro-online.com
  • World championships Canoe Slalom 2013

    World Championships Canoe slalom 2013
  • WiFi for Container Tracking

    This project is about WiFi for container tracking inside the port in Africa. Problems faced inside a container port is normaly radar from the ships and reflections from all the matal inside the port.
  • Wireless for Music festival with video streaming

    Customer needed high quality internet feed for thousands of wireless clients plus reserved bandwidth for livestream feed