Jaromir Cihak,
One of the very first Mikrotik trainers, an extensive world traveller, low energy solution enthusiast with many projects designed. Family father.

We have routed the world. In my professional life I have met many people. People usually use someone to solve their problems, lots of them just copy what they find on internet or somewhere else. Lots of them say that a more expensive solution is the best solution.

Maybe, maybe not.

I ask very rare people around me to join this project, to make a list of unusual solutions. There is some description about what they did, with photos and video. Some of those are not new, but show a different approach. All of those have a "common denominator", and it is MikroTik. In all these presentations there is Mikrotik in the background. Without MikroTik, the solution might have been very different.

To be a member of this group is not easy. All previous members have a right of veto. I am sure you will find something interesting, so take a look and enjoy our work.

Check out the list of our members here.